Cut Transportation Cost using Digital Sourcing & eNegotiation Platform

Cut Transportation Cost using Digital Sourcing & eNegotiation Platform

Companies in various manufacturing & Product delivery sectors rely heavily on Transportation to deliver their goods locally or internationally, including Road, Ocean Freight, or Air Cargo.

In most Companies, Transportation & logistics operations and processes are done manually by a vast team of people handling right from dispatch requests to finding and identifying the best value Transporter. All the work processes are done over phone, email, and excel sheets working with a limited set of Transporters.

During this global pandemic, companies have started to embrace new Digital Technologies that allow them to organize & centralize their Transportation Sourcing & Negotiation Process, improve transporter diversity, and find the best competitive pricing by creating competition.  eNegotiation is key.

Currently, all the manual process managed by teams require a high level of effort, brings limited or zero competition and lacks transparency as well as audit compliance due to randomness of Data, companies lose millions of Rupee as well as pay higher Freight cost due to lack of competition and decision visibility.

eSupplier offers Digital tools that empower logistic procurement teams to streamline all the sourcing process on its platform, and the key advantage is visibility and structured planning. Price reduction is the function of organizing and creating an environment for free and fair market competition among Transporters.

At eSupplier, you can organize sourcing & eNegotiation events for Annual/Quarterly rate contracts or Spot Hiring options for day-to-day truck hiring using our customized digital eBidding process. Simultaneously, for Ocean & Air Freight, choose a similar ebidding method that creates competition, which finally leads to new lower price discovery with minimum effort.

Currently, our customers include manufacturing companies & exporters/importers who spend much money on Transportation and are managing it manually. These excel sheet processes, are designed in 1990, and companies still rely on them to a more significant extent as most of the companies are not aware of How Digital intelligent tools can help to simplify and make Transportation buying decisions profitable with minimum effort.

Call or eMail eSupplier to learn how we can help you to cut down Transportation spend, transparently and efficiently with our Digital Platform.

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