Spend less Hours managing your Sea Freight rates

Spend less Hours managing your Sea Freight rates

Logistic Manager and Procurement teams spends several  hours managing Sea Freight Sourcing process, it's tedious work over eMail, Phone calls, Excel sheets.

eSupplier Sea Freight Sourcing Platform simplifies & digitizes the way Logistic Manager engages with Sea Freight Forwarders. Login to eSupplier web base platform and post all your shipment details, invite your freight forwarders or discover new forwarders using eSupplier Network.

On stipulated date and time ebidding takes place online, during which all the Freight Forwarders invited will enter their details along with price bid online.   They can correct the price bid to win the business.

Once the eBidding process is over, buyers can download the bid report in MS excel and compare rates to make a decision.

Logistic Manager can choose to push Order notification and manage Invoice online as well.  Simplify your Sea Freight Procurement process and save anywhere from 10% to 20% on direct shipment cost.

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