RFx Software Platform

Create & Release RFIs, RFPs, RFQs without hassle

Dive into the world of RFx with eSupplier. From Request for Information (RFI) to Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ), we provide an integrated online approach to streamline your procurement sourcing needs. Navigate the complexities of sourcing with tools tailored to extract detailed Supplier information, proposals, and quotations, ensuring you always make an informed faster buying decision.

Welcome to the future of sourcing with eSupplier. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper trails and email exchanges and embrace our intuitive online RFx event creation platform.

By digitizing your sourcing process, you not only enhance efficiency but also ensure transparency and collaboration with Supplier at every step. It's time to take your procurement sourcing strategy to the next level.

With eSupplier, receiving and comparing quotes has never been more seamless. Suppliers can submit their quotations online, allowing you to review, analyze, and compare offers side-by-side effortlessly. You can download all the quote comparative into an MS Excel sheet for detailed analysis. Simplify your decision-making with our user-friendly platform and save time.

Benefits of RFx / RFP - RFQ

Create RFx (RFI/RFP/RFQ)

Fill out the online easy-to-use eRFx template > Invite Suppliers > Receive Quotations > Compare Offers > Download Excel > Award Contract.

Improved Sourcing process

Centralized monitoring and enhanced transparency through our clear eRFx process (RFI-RFP-RFQ). This provides comprehensive visibility across all stages, ensuring complete control over your spending.

Simplified RFx Comparison

Supplier submits offer online, with all relevant information, auto generate price comparison report and download in MS Excel for internal and audit compliance use.

Centralized Supplier Data

Built and share supplier data among all internal procurement team members for optimized sourcing. Choose and invite suppliers seamlessly to join the RFx process.

Spend Data Analytics

Analyze your entire RFx spectrum, effortlessly download monthly reports to stay audit-compliant, and visualize insights through graphical charts for intuitive understanding and informed decision-making.

Types of RFx

RFI (Request for Information)

An RFI, or "Request for Information," is a formal document used by businesses to gather general or specific requested information from potential suppliers, an RFI is typically used in the early stages of the procurement sourcing process to understand a supplier's capabilities, services, and products. It helps procurement teams shortlist potential suppliers before diving deeper into detailed RFQ/RFP or other evaluations, generally used in places where complex material or service is to be sourced.

RFQ (Request for Quote)

An RFQ, or "Request for Quotation," is a formal document that businesses use to ask suppliers for a detailed quote on specific products or services. It typically includes specifications, quantities, target price and delivery schedules, allowing selected invited suppliers to provide precise quotation. The primary purpose of an RFQ is to compare and evaluate price offers from different suppliers to make a cost-effective procurement decision. RFQ template is widely used for general procured items/services. 

RFP (Request for Proposal)

An RFP, or "Request for Proposal," is a formal document that businesses use to invite suppliers to submit detailed proposals for a specific product or service. The RFP outlines the project's requirements, scope, and desired outcomes, allowing suppliers to craft tailored solutions. Suppliers' responses typically include a proposed methodology, timelines, costs, and other relevant details. The primary purpose of an RFP is to evaluate and compare suppliers' capabilities and solutions to determine the best fit for the project or requirement, ideal for specific project sourcing.

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