Freight Sourcing & Management

Cut down sourcing time and save on Freight cost

Freight Sourcing & Management

eSupplier revolutionizes the traditional freight sourcing process with digital transformation. Our platform enables logistics teams to streamline their operations from sending RFx to receiving quotes, negotiating prices, dispatching order notifications, and managing invoices - all from unified dashboard. Experience a reduced freight sourcing cycle and achieve direct cost savings. Simplify your logistics with eSupplier and transform the way you manage freight sourcing.

  • 8000+ Suppliers
  • eBidding Platform
  • Audit Compliance
  • Saves 70% Time
  • Cost Saving upto 20%
  • Live Freight Tracking New

Sea Freight Sourcing

Sea freight sourcing involves the process of identifying, negotiating, and securing services from carriers and freight forwarders to transport goods across oceans. Central to global supply chain management which could be FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) Shipments, digitizing freight sourcing ensure timely, cost-effective, and reliable shipment of goods. With the eSupplier, sea freight sourcing has evolved to next level, offering businesses to create private marketplace inviting Freight forwarders to quote on RFP’s or negotiation via reverse eBidding process, in addition companies can choose to use eSupplier for order bookings and invoice management, enhancing transparency and efficiency in Sea Freight sourcing process.

Air Cargo Sourcing

Air Cargo Freight rates are highly volatile, primarily due to fluctuating air cargo capacities. This unpredictability often leads Shippers and Logistics teams to opt for spot rates. However, the traditional manual Air Freight Sourcing process can be both tedious and inefficient. Addressing these challenges, eSupplier introduces a dynamic spot air freight eBidding platform. This solution enables real-time online engagement between Shippers and Air Cargo service providers. One standout feature is real-time price evaluation and ranking display, empowering Air Cargo providers to adjust their bids on-the-fly to clinch the order. By establishing a private eBidding marketplace, companies can replace cumbersome manual processes. Plus, the platform facilitates end-to-end management, from sending order notifications to receiving invoices, all consolidated within a single, intuitive dashboard.

Road Transport Sourcing

Road transportation involves various shipment sizes and weights, requiring shippers to choose between fixed-price contracts or spot-based freight negotiations. eSupplier simplifies this with an automated sourcing platform suitable for both single and multiple route needs. It streamlines RFQs and spot rate negotiations through eBidding, reducing reliance on emails and phone calls. This approach not only fosters fair competition and transparency but also ensures audit-compliant transaction tracking. Additionally, eSupplier's intuitive dashboard seamlessly manages everything from order notifications to invoice management, enhancing efficiency and accountability.

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