Reverse Auction

Benefits of using eAuction to Negotiate among Suppliers

Reverse Auctions are widely considered to be the most efficient negotiating tool for maximizing cost savings and creating value, it allows Buyers to discover market competitive pricing for raw material, capital goods or services.

eSupplier eSourcing platform provides simple and easy to manage eAuction tool which connects buyers and suppliers with ease. It is the easiest cloud based auction platform available in the market, simple user interface encourages real-time competitive bidding among supplier.

The sourcing tool does not restrict itself to the local market but with multi currency and languages capabilities cut’s down negotiation cycle time thus , Buyers can have a better control over there spend without damaging supplier relations.

Why Negotiate via Auction now?

Simple user interface increases engagement

eSupplier makes it effortless and user-friendly for Buyers to create auction events, at the same time suppliers find easy to bid, higher engagement results in maximum savings. Buyers can select various auction features based on product category.

Reduce Sourcing Time

Convert multiple round negotiations to single auction. Observe how suppliers drop their price in real time shorting your sourcing cycle time by weeks to hour to achieve best market rates.

Better Supplier Relationship

Auctions are undoubtedly a cost effective tool to increase competitive pressure on suppliers thus reducing your sourcing spends providing you better control.

Auction Analytics Dashboard

It serves as a Spend Tracker providing intelligent visual metrics, reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to Buyers allowing them to take smart sourcing or Buying decisions faster.

Any Time, Any Place

Online Auction allows real time negotiation 24/7 with large pool of suppliers based in different locations and time zones, currencies which is difficult to achieve via traditional negotiations.

Complete Auction Suite

Better collaborate with your suppliers with multi-currency and Multilingual capabilities. Enterprise solution for faster buying decisions providing various negotiating options like English Reverse Auction, Japanese Auction, Dutch Auction, Multi-currency Auction, Percentage Auction & Forward Auction.

Types of eAuction


English Reverse Auction

Buyers create independent open fixed price English Reverse Auction for single item or lot. You set a fixed start price & decrement value, invite suppliers to bid against each other where just L1 rank or price can be visible to all thus creating open competition while suppliers names are not disclosed. It is ideal for items which are branded or you want to award complete order to a single supplier.


Japanese Reverse Auction

The Japanese Reverse Auction is a strategic reverse bidding process where item prices decrease at set intervals. Buyers define the starting price and decrement values. Suppliers bid at each price drop; if they don't, they're out for that item. The auction ends when no suppliers bid or the price hits zero. It ensures competitive pricing in procurement.


Dutch Auction

The Buyer raises the price from a low starting point until a supplier agrees to sell at a stated price as displayed on the screen, there is no supplier counter bidding. If the supplier feels he can execute the order by clicking on “accept bid price” button to end the eAuction. Ideal for items were there is a huge price gap between supplier quotes, good for high value Capex items.


Multi Currency Auction

Multi-currency reverse Auction is used when you have suppliers spread across the world and they quote/bid in their own respective currency, the system calculates L1/L2/L3... rankings based all bidding price currency converted to your base defined currency. This type of eAuction is ideal for items like Bearings, Tools, Consumer Electronics, etc… can be used before entering into Annual rate contract.


Forward Auction

Fully user configurable Forward Auction for single or multiple line items, Auction can be conducted in open price or H1/H2/H3 type options. This Auction is widely used for selling excess scrap or excess inventory to dealers & distributors.

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