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Welcome to eSupplier, the leading SaaS platform that empowers businesses to simplify internal and external communication workflow processes for logistics and general material sourcing/procurement. Buyers and suppliers engage online from the initial inquiry to the final negotiation.

Our platform offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that eliminates manual and tedious tasks, enabling the discovery of best-negotiated prices through the eBidding process. Additionally, it provides fast access to system-generated reports.

eSupplier caters to small and large businesses looking to digitize their workflows, ultimately saving time and money.

Optimize Results through Digitizing Repetitive Sourcing Work Flow Process

Whether you're a small or large business, your internal sourcing and procurement teams often find themselves stuck in repetitive, inefficient manual communication with suppliers on a day-to-day basis, relying on Excel sheets, emails, and phone calls.

It's high time to digitize and automate these manual processes, not only to enhance work efficiency but also to save valuable money through dynamic online Negotiation and eBidding processes.

eSupplier offers a cloud-based platform that enables teams to seamlessly manage end-to-end sourcing cycles, starting from the initial inquiry and supplier discovery all the way to quotation and final negotiation. All of this can be accomplished effortlessly from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Moreover, you can easily generate final reports for audit compliance or internal use.

Currently, logistics and material sourcing platforms are being utilized by hundreds of businesses in over 20 countries worldwide. Regardless of whether you operate a small manufacturing company or a global import/export business, eSupplier is the ideal solution for you!

Join the growing community of businesses that have embraced eSupplier and experience the transformative power of streamlining your workflow processes for optimal results.


AI-powered Digital sourcing platform

The biggest strategic sourcing challenges for any organization today are maintaining competitive product pricing, quality, and sustainability. Conventional sourcing processes which have worked for years, mainly done through emails and Excel data are not working anymore. In addition to this finding the right suppliers across the globe and building a supplier relationship to evaluate their performance is complex and time taking.

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