Logistics Platform

Ideal for Road, Ocean & Air Freight Negotiation

Sourcing Platform

From Raw Materials, CAPEX, IT & Indirect spend etc...

eSupplier is your New Digital Workspace

Our Saas Platform empowers Business to simplify internal and external communication work flow process for Logistics and general material sourcing / procurement. Buyers & Suppliers enagage online from initial inquiry to final Negotiation.

Simple easy to use interface eliminates manual tedious task, enables discovery of best negotiated price via eBidding process and finally get system generated reports fast.

eSupplier works for Small to Large Business which are looking to digitize work flow, thus saving time and money.

Digitize repetative work process to optimize end results

No Matter if you are small or large Business, internal sourcing & procurement teams are still stuck with repetative less efficient manual communication with Suppliers on day to day basis over excel sheets, emails, phone, etc...

It's time to Digitize and Automate manual process which leads not only to work efficiency but allows Business to save money using dynamic eNegotiation / eBidding process.

eSupplier's, cloud base platform allows teams to manages end to end sourcing cycle right from inquiry, supplier discovery, quotation to final negotiation all from single dashboard. In addition you can pull all final reports for audit compliance or internal use.

Logistics & Material Sourcing Platform are currently being used by hundred of Business in 20+ Countries worldwide. No matter if you are small manufacturing company to global import / export business, eSupplier is right for you!


AI-powered sourcing platform

The biggest strategic sourcing challenges for any organization today are maintaining competitive product pricing, quality and sustainability. Conventional sourcing processes which have worked for years, mainly done through emails and excel data are not working any more. In addition to this finding the right suppliers across the globe and building a supplier relationship to evaluate their performance is complex and time taking.

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