General eSourcing Platform

From Raw Materials, CAPEX, IT & Indirect spend etc...

Transportation eSourcing Platform

Ideal for Road, Ocean & Air Freight Negotiation

Automate Sourcing process from eRFI / RFQ, Supplier Discovery, Quotation & Negotiation through eAuction process with our cloud base sourcing tool.

Why eSourcing & eNegotiation tool?

Finding new suppliers & best price sourcing is on top of every Buyer's mind, but how to achieve the set goal is a time consuming challenge, eSupplier offers cloud base user friendly eSourcing tool which allows buyers to conduct eRFI / RFQ / RFP, eAuction at the same time discovery new suppliers fast.

Key Features

  • RFI / RFQ / RFP
  • Supplier Discovery
  • eQuote
  • eAuction
  • Report & Analytics
eRFx ( eRFI / eRFQ / eRFP ) Tool

Wether purchasing Goods, like Raw Material, Capital Equipments (Capex) or Services from suppliers requisition for quote or proposal is the first step. eRFx ( eRFI / eRFQ / eRFP ) tool makes the requisition process easy for quickly receiving quotes from suppliers, comparing and selecting the right supplier. In case Buyer wants to further negotiate, they can convert this eRFx ( eRFI / eRFQ / eRFP ) into eAuction.

Automate Supplier Discovery

To figure out right suppliers at a competitive price can be complex and tricky when one does not have a broader pool of suppliers to choose from. Find instead of search with our automated supplier discovery platform, which not only provides you a wider list of potential suppliers but also helps you identify the right supplier at best negotiated price.

Real Time eAuction is a powerful web base e-procurement platform that offers multiple real time bidding solutions to better negotiate for your sourcing needs. The different types of auctions are tailored to buyers sourcing requirements which include Single Reverse Auction, Multiple Reverse Auction, Dutch Auction and Multi Currency Auction. It is a robust, scalable and reliable solution offering suppliers to compete in real time.

Intelligent Reports & Analytics

With eRFx ( eRFI / eRFQ / eRFP ) and eAuction Reports & Analytical Dashboards, it's never been easier to present your sourcing data in interactive and intuitive graphical form. It provides vital stats that will help you track, analyse and optimize your sourcing events better and faster for strategic decision making resulting in improvement of efficiency and productivity of companies procurement activities.

Centralization of Sourcing Data

Increase company return significantly by centralization of sourcing data which is tightly-knit, unified and well structured. Central repository provides relevant data for any evaluations and reports available to support management decisions or corporate controlling. It also offers better opportunities for more effective purchasing controlling, successful maintenance of supplier databases and streamlining of procurement processes.

Improves Collaboration

Companies that rely on cloud-based eSourcing tools are more flexible because it allows them to automate and manage their procurement activities from anywhere, at any time through desktop, Smartphone or tablet. empowers you to easily collaborate and align your sourcing team while seamlessly integrating your supplier networks spread across the globe working round the clock 24/7.

AI-powered sourcing platform

The biggest strategic sourcing challenges for any organization today are maintaining competitive product pricing, quality and sustainability. Conventional sourcing processes which have worked for years, mainly done through emails and excel data are not working any more. In addition to this finding the right suppliers across the globe and building a supplier relationship to evaluate their performance is complex and time taking. Read More...

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