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eSupplier: Transform Your Fastener Sourcing Process into a Digital Powerhouse. Effortlessly generate and send inquiries (RFx), swiftly collect and evaluate quotes, and expedite negotiations with eBidding. With our centralized sourcing data, you're empowered to make cost-effective purchasing decisions faster, significantly shortening your sourcing cycle.

RFx & Quote Management

eSupplier RFx Management streamlines your procurement process, enabling the creation of RFx with ease. This tool allows for detailed specification of materials and quantities, setting of delivery dates, and the attachment of necessary drawings and documents. With a single click, you can share your RFx with a selection of suppliers, facilitating efficient communication.

Once responses are received, the platform offers a straightforward way to compare quotes. Additionally, it provides the functionality to download comprehensive reports for internal analysis and decision-making. Embrace simplicity and efficiency in your procurement activities with eSupplier RFx Management.

Price Negotiation

eSupplier's Price Negotiation module offers buyers the flexibility to engage in negotiations when initial quotes do not align with their target prices. This module facilitates the creation of both fixed and open price eBidding negotiation events, to which suppliers are specifically invited. In these events, suppliers are encouraged to compete by offering lower prices in a bid to secure the order.

This automated negotiation process ensures that buyers obtain the best possible price without the need for manual intervention. Moreover, the system generates detailed reports that are invaluable for audit compliance, adding an extra layer of transparency and accountability to the procurement process.

Freight Sourcing Simplified

The Fastener industry operates on a global scale, often requiring the import and export of materials worldwide. Typically, companies rely on their own approved Freight Forwarders to handle air and sea freight movements. Logistics teams invest substantial time in issuing freight sourcing RFx, and subsequently, in gathering and comparing the best price offers. eSupplier's Freight Sourcing module revolutionized this process by digitalizing and automating it. This advanced tool ensures that you can swiftly secure the most competitively negotiated prices, streamlining your logistics operations with efficiency and ease.

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