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Welcome to we are web base e-Sourcing tool helping Buyers like you to find Suppliers based on your specific request anywhere in the world, as a Buyer you create detailed RFQ which is then forwarded to potential supplier using our customized sourcing software algorithm, additionally we also offer dedicated RFQ Manager for premium Buyers, that means once you create an RFQ at eSupplier our RFQ Mangers makes sure that your RFQ is reached to appropriate potential Supplier in a given specific target country.

eSupplier also follow ups with suppliers so you receive maximum quotation from multiple suppliers easy and fast. eSupplier allows Buyers to source from Engineering items to Commodity products, thus saving Buyers time and energy. Our trained RFQ Managers are efficient & responsive to the Buyer & Supplier.

In addition to this the eSupplier also allows to create real-time market competition and generate savings through eAuctions.

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