Supplier Discovery & Management

Simplify your new Supplier Discovery process
Create an RFI, define your requirement and let our
automated tool help you reach targeted possible
suppliers fast


Most of the company lack a standardized process for existing supplier management and discovering new suppliers, inaccessible supplier information on records, inaccurate company information and even categorizing them based on industry, sub-industry for easy identification.

eSupplier streamlines the entire Supplier management and discovery process, our Supplier Depository allows companies to add and store all supplier information and keep it up to date compliance ready.

Buyers can add existing Supplier base with ease, tag each supplier with keywords based on their capability to provide material or service for easy identification while creating RFQ, supplier information is integrated to the RFQ template so with one click you can add multiple suppliers and not skip a single valid supplier.

Rather than dumping entire possible supplier information in front of the Buyers, our unique Supplier discovery process allows Buyers to first create an RFI which is detailed with all required relevant technical specifications, product details and even add set of Supplier validation questions, based on the the input our automated AI algorithm will identify the possible matching suppliers in our database and send and RFI vial email to participate, suppliers get an RFI with all relevant details like specifications and any qualifying questions which they answer.

Buyers can see all the interested supplier specific details, making the evaluation and qualifying process simple, the information of qualified suppliers can be auto addded to the Supplier depository for future invite during the commercial RFQ process.

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