Saving as a Service


The biggest strategic sourcing challenges for any organization today are maintaining competitive product pricing, quality and sustainability. Conventional sourcing processes which have worked for years, mainly done through emails and excel data are not working any more. In addition to this finding the right suppliers across the globe and building a supplier relationship to evaluate their performance is complex and time taking.


Product price, quality and availability are the three major factors which drives any business. Achieving this is only possible if you source the right product at best price. Where there is manual process involved it increases risk of error and lack of credible centralized data to take strategic decisions. Companies also struggle to find low cost suppliers across varying geographies who deliver quality products due to collaboration and communication issues on daily basis.


eSupplier uses mix of human intelligence + our advance custom designed eSourcing tool to meet clients target price or savings, this service works on project basis with different product vertical on fix time basis. We charge percentage of savings we bring in to set target price. This flexible model, whether leveraged as a fully-managed service or on-demand, can increase both organizational bandwidth and throughput while improving impact with internal Suppliers. Recognizing the value of sourcing, executives are asking sourcing professionals to do more with fewer resources. While this is a difficult challenge, it is also an opportunity for sourcing professionals to elevate their game.

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