Transportation Sourcing

Simplify your Road Transportation Process
Post your Requirement at eSupplier Platform and get multiple Quotes from various Transporters online & Negotiate online, companies using our Platform save anywhere from 5% to 20% on Road Transportation Cost.

In this fast changing Business landscape Digital technologies have touched and impacted every part of our Business process, it could be Sales & Marketing, HR, Manufacturing or Procurement.  

Digitally connected marketplace allows companies to not only communicate and engage with their business network faster, but also creates process which cuts time to execute compared to the manual work flow methodology.

The Platform economy has just started earlier this was widely used by large companies who had internal teams to identify and adopt new upcoming technologies to streamline their Business process to improve efficiency and profitability.  Cloud base infrastructure has made smart & intelligent software more easily accessible and affordable to Small and Medium size Business, with a low annual subscription cost.

eSupplier provides a Digital Platform for Transportation Sourcing & eNegotiation that allows companies to execute entire end to end work cycle on single platform, Buyers would post there Shipment request (Ocean/Road/Air), invite existing vendors as well as discover new vendors to eBid online, it not only cuts down manual processing time to half, also creates Dynamic Real Time Competition among Transporters/Freight Forwarders. Buyers can also push order notification online, thus simplifying the entire process.

Buyers Creates Private Marketplace to eNegotiate at eSupplier Platform

Every company creates it’s own private logistic marketplace that allows them to keep full control on vendor that can come and participate in the eBidding events.  eSupplier identifies and notifies new potential vendors which can bring value for the Buyers, finally it is the choice of the Buyer in selecting which vendor should be part of the network.

Competition allows fair price Discovery with Zero effort

It is said Suppliers/Vendors know are aware of the best lowest price they can provide a Buyer, as they are the producer of that specific Product/Service.  Buyers can work with internal Cost sheet or Historical pricing as a base line, which in most cases are just calculation values and there is gap on higher or lower side between market price and internal Cost sheet expectation.  This is hard to measure using traditional offline Negotiation models.

Digital platform driven marketplaces creates competition and simplifies the process which traditionally would be done manually over email, phone, excel sheets.  It also creates convenience among vendor, they can be at their office and participate in any eBidding event with ease.

The Power of New Vendor Discovery

Buyer teams in every organization are spread managing multiple task and thus cannot spend hours for new Supplier/Vendor discovery, eSupplier overcomes this gap by suggesting qualified Transporters/Freight Forwarders to Buyers, thus with ZERO effort you are able to negotiate with multiple vendors on one go.

Digitize Manual Sourcing Process

Currently most of the companies are managing the Transportation Sourcing process manually, teams are involved for communicating with Transporters or Freight Forwarders, sharing information to receiving Quotes & Negotiation, at eSupplier a complete Digital work flow process simplifies the manual work, Buyers would save time and effort.

Digitize Order & Invoice Management

eSupplier Platform has integrated (optional) feature were Buyers can push Order notification to Transporters & Freight Forwarders and receive Invoices online for accounting and approval.

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