Vahak versus eSupplier Truck Hiring Platform

In a market bustling with logistical demands, eSupplier stands out by offering companies across India a seamless experience in managing various freight needs, including Road Transportation, Ocean Freight, and Air Cargo, all through a single user-friendly platform.

While platforms like Vahak operate on an e-commerce model primarily linking Truck Owners with Transporters or agents/brokers, eSupplier provides a comprehensive suite of services that transcend the traditional logistics model.

Why Choose eSupplier Over Others Like Vahak?

  1. Established Expertise: Since our journey began in 2015 with Pidilite Industries Ltd, eSupplier has expanded its horizons, catering to the diverse needs of SMEs, large manufacturers, traders, and distributors. Our proven track record underscores our competence in the realm of truck eBidding.

  2. Simplicity in Operation: Our platform doesn't just offer solutions; it ensures they're easy to implement. Right from registration, the process of finding verified transporters for any truck type, including specialized vehicles for export shipments, is straightforward and hassle-free.

  3. Structured eBidding Events: Companies have the luxury of organizing online spot rate truck hiring events, inviting their existing pool of approved transporters while also exploring new avenues with our rich transporter database.

  4. Tailored for Organized Corporate Functioning: Our system stands out in delivering a structured approach for companies that prefer working with verified transporters under specific payment term agreements. The entire documentation process, including eBidding, is designed to meet organized corporate standards.

  5. Efficient Rate Contract Management: Understanding the need for flexibility in contracts with transporters, we've integrated a dedicated module for managing both short-term and long-term rate contracts efficiently.

  6. End-to-End Online Process Management: Post-bidding procedures are equally streamlined, with features enabling buyers to send online order notifications to transporters. In response, transporters can submit ePODs and invoices online, tracking the status of their payments in real-time.

  7. Dedicated Support: We ensure you're never in a bind with our dedicated account managers providing round-the-clock training and support.

  8. Insightful Data Analytics: Our platform empowers companies with smart data analytics, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Embracing the eSupplier Advantage:

eSupplier isn't just a logistical solution; it's a transformative approach to freight sourcing. Companies leverage our ready-to-use SaaS platform for a range of activities, from initiating truck inquiries to negotiating terms with transporters. The result? Significant time savings, enhanced process regularity, simplified audit compliance, and fortified supply chain stability. With eSupplier, you're not just surviving the logistics game; you're playing to win!

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