Selling Metal Scrap by Forward Auction

Selling Metal Scrap by Forward Auction

Metal scrap trading is a burgeoning business. Primarily, there are two categories of metal scrap. The first, known as virgin metal scrap, emerges from machining, stamping, or the drawing of wires. The second category encompasses recycled or used scrap, made up of old metal parts or equipment. This type typically holds less value compared to virgin metal scrap.

Evaluating the Worth of Metal Scrap

Scrap metal's value is gauged when it's purchased by traders, who subsequently sell it to foundries, mills, or recycling plants. These entities process the scrap into valuable forms like bars, wires, or tubes. The pricing largely depends on the current market value of the virgin metal, with commonly traded metals including steel, copper, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, and brass.

Fluctuating metal scrap prices often use the virgin metal price index as a reference point. Typically, recycled scrap might fetch around 15% of the virgin metal's value, while high-quality virgin scraps can garner 20-50%. These prices are also influenced by future market trends and various economic indicators.

The Profitability of the Scrap Business

For scrap buyers, the business model thrives on purchasing low and selling high. Traditionally, negotiations transpire over emails and phone calls. This manual bidding process, marked by a lack of transparency and limited buyer participation, often places sellers (suppliers) at a disadvantage.

Maximizing Scrap Sales Value in the Digital Age

The landscape of scrap negotiations is undergoing a digital transformation. The advent of Scrap eAuctions ensures competitive pricing for sellers. Utilizing a method known as the "Forward eAuction", buyers strive to outbid their counterparts, ensuring sellers secure optimal market value for their scrap. Switching to this digital model can boost profits by 5-20% compared to traditional negotiation methods.

Leveraging the Forward eAuction for Metal Scrap Sales with eSupplier

eSupplier presents a seamless platform to facilitate Forward Scrap eAuctions. With our comprehensive eAuction package, companies can autonomously initiate metal scrap auctions as needed. Furthermore, we offer robust training and support, and for those who prefer a hands-off approach, we can oversee the entire auction process on their behalf.

Advantages of Using the Metal Scrap Auction Platform

  1. Maximized returns on metal scrap.
  2. User-friendly interface ensuring effective buyer-seller engagement.
  3. Complete transparency throughout the auction process.
  4. Post-auction, eSupplier provides audit-compliant reports, curated with insights from leading global procurement consultancies.

Embarking on Your eSupplier Journey

We offer two tailored solutions. The DIY option empowers sellers with access to our eBidding platform, complete with training and support. Alternatively, our full-service model sees the eSupplier team orchestrating the entire auction, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

To discover how eSupplier can revolutionize your scrap trading experience, reach out to us today via call or email.


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