Software for Solar Installers & EPC Companies

Software for Solar Installers & EPC Companies

We are excited to share that at the end of January 2024, eSupplier will launch beta versions of two innovative software products designed to streamline daily operations for Solar EPC companies. Our existing software already enhances the Solar EPC Sourcing process by facilitating RFx dispatch, quote collection, price comparison, reporting, and eBidding for price negotiation.

We're currently offering free trials for these new solutions. If you're interested in exploring these cutting-edge tools, let us know! We'd be delighted to provide you with login details and assist you in simplifying your work process.

Solar Bid Estimation & Proposal Building Software

eSupplier revolutionizes solar project bidding with advanced cost estimation and proposal tools. It simplifies complex calculations, providing precise, quick estimates and detailed proposals. Unique features include aerial imagery-based roof analysis for accurate solar installation data. It's a growth partner, enhancing proposal effectiveness and project planning efficiency.

Warranty Management Software

Streamline solar project warranty management effortlessly with eSupplier's intuitive software. It simplifies creating and tracking warranties for all components like solar panels and inverters, ensuring efficient record-keeping and easy addition of details like serial numbers. The software enhances customer service by consolidating warranty information into a comprehensive, shareable report, improving transparency and after-sales support. eSupplier transforms warranty management into a streamlined, customer-focused process, adding value to your solar project services.

Feel free to register as a Buyer or eMail at for a FREE trial.

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