Negotiate Packaging cost via reverse Auction

Negotiate Packaging cost via reverse Auction

In the rapidly evolving business world, packaging material stands as an indispensable need, consuming about 2-3% of a company's procurement budget. From corrugated boxes to plastic containers and metal cans, this domain is vast and diverse.

Historically, procurement teams have resorted to traditional manual RFQ practices for sourcing packaging materials. This age-old method involves circulating inquiries to several approved vendors and subsequently sifting through the received quotes post-sample validation. This negotiation phase, often seen as a relic from the dawn of the industrial era, is painstakingly slow for both buyers and suppliers. And in a landscape where every buyer seeks maximum value at a minimal cost, it's challenging to trace back suppliers' cost structures—from raw materials to production costs. Negotiation, as a result, becomes a game of guesswork, usually gravitating around a reduction of 5% to 7% from the initial quote. This manual haggling—whether in-person, over calls, or through emails—feels archaic in an age defined by digital innovation.

Enter the era of RFx Bidding platform or reverse Auction—a transformative approach powered by digital prowess. This method brings transparency and efficiency, offering real-time, dynamic bidding. It not only accelerates the procurement process but also unveils the most competitive prices. Given that all suppliers are online during a designated eBidding window, they're motivated to present their most competitive prices, aiming to secure the top spot and clinch the deal.

From the supplier's standpoint, eBidding is an empowering platform. It offers them the flexibility to adjust and optimize their bids in real-time, ensuring they present their most competitive offer. Ultimately, it fosters a win-win scenario for both parties involved.

At eSupplier, we're at the forefront of this digital revolution. Collaborating with an array of enterprises, from budding startups to established corporations, we're on a mission to streamline and enhance the procurement of packaging materials. Our intuitive online eAuction software is user-friendly and comes with a brief 30-minute training, post which you can effortlessly set up eAuction events. Our team is always on standby, offering insights and support when needed.

Keen to explore this digital transformation? Reach out to us for a comprehensive demo and insightful case studies. Let us guide you through the seamless integration of eAuction into your business operations.

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