Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

Cost of Sea Freight has gone high after COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have to bear the cost of excess shipping cost and see reduce profit margins when they have to quote Foreign customers on CIF basis, getting reliable and competitive Freight Forwarder is very important, at the same time best negotiated Sea Freight Rates saves money, presently Freight Sourcing process is done manually.

eSupplier offers Sea Freight Platform that allows Exporters and Importers to create Shipment events online, invite existing Freight Forwarders as well as discover new ones with ease, the eBidding methodology assures that the Buyers get the best negotiated quotes fast, the platform also saves Buyers time as well.   In addition they system assures transparent negotiation and generates reports after the negotiation is over.

We have around 200+ Sea Freight forwarders in Mumbai alone, who can offer competitive pricing and reliable export / import services if required.   No matter if you have Full Container (FCL Shipmnet) or Part Container Shipment (LCL Shipment), eSupplier Logistic Platform has the solution for you.

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