Sea Freight Rates from Australia to Canada

Sea Freight Rates from Australia to Canada

eBidding Platform for Sea Freight Australia to Canada

eSupplier offers Sea Freight bidding Platform, that simplifies the way Logistic or Export Managers get rates from multiple Freight Forwarders, presently most of the companies send email request for quote to certain approved Freight Forwarders for quote.

Quotes from multiple Forwarders are received over eMail and then the Buyer team manually compiles quote comparison report in Excel, so they compare side by side rates along with other information.

Digital Sea Freight Sourcing Platform simplifies the complex manual work, now Buyers just post their shipment details online at eSupplier Sea Freight eBidding Platform, they system auto invites all the Freight forwarders to come and participate in the Bidding process online on given specific date and time.

Once the eBidding is over eSupplier Platform generates Quote Comparison in Excel which Buyers can download.  Once ready to order Buyers can place order online via eSupplier Platform, a system generated order notification is sent to the Freight Forwarders.

Finally, Freight forwarders can upload Invoices, Shipment details. eSupplier end-to-end Sea Freight Sourcing process is all managed from a single dashboard.

Advantages of using eSupplier Sea Freight eBidding Platform

  • Buyers Save time and reduce manual work
  • eBidding assures you have the best Negotiated prices
  • Ideal for Full Container and Part Load Shipments
  • Discover new Freight Forwarders in Australia & Canada
  • Invite existing Freight Forwarders as well
  • Send Order Notification online
  • Receive Invoice and other Shipment details fast
  • Data Analytics
  • System generated reporting
  • Simple easy to use Web Platform

Canada has 5 major Sea Ports that handles major Export and Import trade, these are all weather ports and handle major cargo.

Port of Vancouver - Largest port in Canada and is well connected to major Highways and Road network.

Port of Montreal - It powers the economy of Quebec and Montreal and is advance technology and equipments to manage the loading and unloading of cargo ships.

Port of Prince Rupert - It's a Bulk cargo port, major part of Canada Agro products exports of wheat and barley is handled from this port, even Coal exports happens from this port.

Port of Halifax - Located on eastern part of Canada, It handles bulk, breakbulk, liquid cargo, dry cargo and containers.

Port of Saint John- It can handle bulk, breakbulk, liquid cargo, dry cargo and containers, well connected to Road and Rail network.

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