Sea Freight Rates Italy

Sea Freight Rates Italy

eBidding Platform for Sea Freight  & Find Freight Forwarders in Italy

eSupplier offers a sea freight bidding platform that simplifies how you can get sea freight rates from multiple freight forwarders. Most companies send email requests for quotes to certain approved freight forwarders and then compiles email quotes received for side-by-side comparison in Excel sheet. Our digital Sea Freight Sourcing Platform instead simplifies this complex process by sending requests to multiple freight forwarders and automatically aggregating the quotes online.

Our dynamic real time eBidding process assures that Buyers get the best market negotiated price, you can choose the right Freight Forwarder who offers the best price and fastest delivery.

Buyers invite their existing Sea Freight forwarders and can also discover new ones as well, once the eBidding is over system generates an audit compliance PDF reports for internal use, this has entire Bid history of all the Freight Forwarders who participated online. 

Advantages of using eSupplier Sea Freight eBidding Platform

  • Buyers Save time and reduce manual work
  • eBidding assures you have the best Negotiated prices
  • Ideal for Full Container and Part Load Shipments
  • Discover new Freight Forwarders in Italy
  • Invite existing Freight Forwarders as well
  • Send Order Notification online
  • Receive Invoice and other Shipment details fast
  • Data Analytics
  • System generated reporting
  • Simple easy to use Web Platform

Sea Cargo & Container Ports in Italy

  1.  Port of Trieste (ITTRS)
  2.  Port of Genoa (ITGOA)
  3.  Port of Livorno (ITLIV)
  4.  Port of Cagliari (ITCAG)
  5.  Port of Gioia Tauro (ITGIT)
  6.  Port of Ravenna (ITRAN)
  7.  Port of Venice (ITVCE)
  8.  Port of Messina (ITMSN)
  9.  Port of Augusta (ITAUG)
  10.  Port of Taranto (ITTAR)
  11.  Port of Napoli (ITNAP)
  12.  Port of La Spezia (ITSPE)
  13.  Port of Salerno (ITSAL)
  14.  Port of Savona (ITSVN)

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