Spend less Hours managing your Sea Freight rates

Spend less Hours managing your Sea Freight rates

In today's fast-paced business environment, Logistics Managers and Procurement teams often find themselves navigating the complex waters of Sea Freight Sourcing. The traditional process, laden with emails, incessant phone calls, and endless Excel sheets, is not just time-consuming but also prone to inefficiencies.

Enter eSupplier's Sea Freight Sourcing Platform, a game-changer in this domain. This digital platform has been meticulously designed to simplify the engagement between Logistics Managers and Sea Freight Forwarders. With an intuitive web-based interface, users can seamlessly upload their shipment details, extending invitations to their trusted freight forwarders or even exploring new partnerships within the expansive eSupplier Network.

The real magic unfolds during the online eBidding event, scheduled at a pre-decided date and time. Participating Freight Forwarders can securely submit their service details and pricing bids. The dynamic nature of the platform even allows them to adjust their bids, ensuring competitiveness and a better shot at winning the contract.

Post the eBidding session, Logistics Managers can effortlessly download a comprehensive bid report in MS Excel format. This provides a transparent, side-by-side comparison of rates, empowering them to make informed decisions.

But the perks of eSupplier don't end there. Logistics Managers also have the flexibility to dispatch Order notifications and even manage Invoicing directly through the platform. The overarching benefit? A streamlined Sea Freight Procurement process that not only slashes direct shipment costs by 10% to 20% but also accelerates the rate discovery process.

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