Transporters in Ahmedabad

Transporters in Ahmedabad

Road Transportation is backbone for any Business could be manufacturing or distribution, Road Transport is still the weak link as companies strugle to find new Transporters or negotiate best rates.  Currently companies manage Truck Hiring process manually over eMail and Phone call, the entire process is slow, time taking and getting best price from Transporters remains a challange for Buyers.

eSupplier offers ready to use Logistic Platform that allows Buyers to manage Road Transportation ( truck hiring ), Ocean Freight and Air Cargo process with ease.  

eSupplier Network has more than 6000+ Transporters, 500+ Freight Forwarders in our database.  In addition, Buyers can streamline end-to-end process right from floating inquiry, receiveing quotations, negotiation, order notification and even ePODs/Invoice managemnet from a single dashboard.

Recently Government of India introduced Logistic Policy and has asked SME to digitize Road Transportation process, as Indian Logistic cost is 10% more than the world average.

eSupplier Strong Transporter Network

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By using eSupplier Truck Hiring Platform we that companies save anywhere from 8% to 20% on Road Transportation cost. No matter your Business requies Spot Rate Truck Hiring or entering into Annual or Quarterly Rate Contracts with Transporters, eSupplier is right for you.

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