Transporters in Baroda-Vadodara

Transporters in Baroda-Vadodara

eSupplier Logistic Platform allows Companies across India to simplify Logistic Freight Sourcing process, at eSupplier Buyers can manage Rad Transportation, Ocean Freight & Air Cargo all on a single easy to use Platform.

Buyers can create Spot Rate Truck Hiring event online, invite your existing approved Transporters to participate in the eBidding event, you can also discover new ones from eSupplier database and further verify before inviting them into eBidding events.

Manufacturing or Trading Companies use our ready to use SaaS Platform right from sending inquiry for Trucks, to negotiate with Transporters. By eliminating manual work companies save time, remove internal process irregularities, simplify audit compliance, thus creates stability in their Supply Chain process.

Here are top reasons you should use eSupplier Platform for Spot Truck Hiring

  1. Reduce manual work, improves internal work efficiency
  2. eBidding process assures you have the best market negotiated price
  3. New Transporter discovery is easy, 350+ Transporters in Baroda/Vadodara
  4. Send order notification to Transporters online
  5. Transporters can upload ePODs and Invoice at eSupplier Platform
  6. Digitization improves visibility
  7. Buyers can make profitable buying decision faster
  8. System generated Audit compliance reports
  9. Data Analytics
  10. Fully Web base platform, ready to use
  11. Companies save anywhere from 8% to 20% using eSupplier

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eSupplier Road Truck Hiring Platform is used by several Small to Large Companies in area of Manufacturing & Trading, our web platform simplifies adaption and use among Buyer / Logistic teams and Transporters. No matter your Business requies Spot Rate Truck Hiring or entering into Annual or Quarterly Rate Contracts with Transporters, eSupplier is right for you.

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