TruckSuvidha versus eSupplier Truck Hiring Platform

eSupplier Logistic Platform allows Companies across India to simplify Logistic Freight Sourcing process, at eSupplier Buyers can manage Rad Transportation, Ocean Freight & Air Cargo all on a single easy to use Platform.

TruckSuvidha offers multiple brand building services to Transporters, like Directory listing, Load post board,  Truck posting, domain hosting, etc…

Advantages of eSupplier over TruckSuvidha portal

  1. eSupplier started in 2015 onwards with our first client Pidilite Industries Ltd and since then we offer Truck eBidding Platform for SME companies, currently we have several small to large manufacturing companies, traders & distributors using eSupplier Truck Hiring Platform.
  2. eSupplier is simple and easy to use Truck Hiring Platform, Buyers can register and start using, remove random Truck hiring practice, which is unsafe with un-known Transporters.
  3. Find new verified Transporter for all types of Trucks is easy, could be Open body Truck, Closed Container Truck, 40 Feet Trailers, Transporters who can operate for Export shipments.
  4. Buyers can create Spot Rate Truck Hiring online event, invite your existing approved Transporters to participate in the eBidding event, you can also discover new ones from eSupplier database and further verify before inviting them into eBidding events.
  5. We understand that Truck Hiring process is very critical to Companes, eSupplier eBidding process and reports/documentation generated is more structured for audit compliance reasons, and the Transporters we suggest can offer you payment terms of 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.  Advance Payment mode does not work with Business who have volume shipment in India.
  6. Several companies choose to engage into  rate contract with their Transporters, at eSupplier we have a dedicated module to manage short term to long term rate contracts with Transporters.
  7. In addition, after eBidding Buyer teams can send Order notification online to Transporters, while Transporters can upload ePODs and Invoices to Buyers online, and can view status of his Invoice from approval to final payment release.
  8. Buyers get dedicated account managers who are available to provide training to user groups and provide support 24/7, this assures you don't get stuck anytime.
  9. Today  Data is destiny. Our smart Data Analytics allows you to understand key metrics better thus act to improve faster

In a nutshell at eSupplier, Companies use our ready to use SaaS Platform right from sending inquiry for Trucks, to negotiate with Transporters. By eliminating manual work companies save time, remove internal process irregularities, simplify audit compliance, thus creates stability in their Supply Chain process.

Call us today for your Full Truck Hiring needs, our support team is available to assist your Monday to Saturday during 9.00 AM to 6.30 PM. 


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