Online Ocean Freight Marketplace

Online Ocean Freight Marketplace

Digitalization in Online Ocean Freight Sourcing Process

Digital Ocean Freight Platforms are disrupting the way companies source sea Freight rates from Freight Forwarders, platforms have evolved to simplify the manual process which the Logistic Managers or Procurement teams currently work on. It's very manual and time taking process, many companies realise the benefits and value the Ocean Freight eBidding Platforms bring and have started to adapt.  eSupplier offers a Web base Ocean Freight eBidding Platform, that is simple and easy to use by Logistic Managers as well as Freight Forwarders.

eSupplier offers a digital Sea Freight sourcing platform that simplifies the way Logistic or Export-Import Managers get rates from multiple Freight Forwarders. Companies still today make it difficult on themselves by sending manual emails requesting quotes to certain approved Freight Forwarders in hopes of getting good sea rates. In response, you'll typically receive quotes over email over an unlimited period of time and then Buyers work to compile them manually into an Excel document before choosing the best one.  

Thus, simplifying quote comparison process, Once the bidding is over Digital bidding platforms make it easy to compare sea freight rates and other information side-by-side with other possibilities.

Advantages of using eSupplier Sea Freight eBidding Platform

  • Buyers Save time and reduce manual work
  • eBidding assures you have the best Negotiated prices, create your private marketplace
  • Ideal for Full Container and Part Load Shipments
  • Discover new Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabia
  • Invite existing Freight Forwarders as well
  • Send Order Notification online
  • Receive Invoice and other Shipment details fast
  • Data Analytics
  • System generated reporting
  • Simple easy to use Web Platform

At eSupplier Logistic Managers can also find new potential Freight Forwarders, we have around 500+ active forwarders in our database worldwide.  Call eSupplier and speak to our Customer Support executive on +91-9773267374 or email us at

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