Dynamic Supplier Discovery Simplifies Sourcing Process

Dynamic Supplier Discovery Simplifies Sourcing Process

Sourcing efficiency & Supplier Diversity matters the most today, and competition is everywhere on every continent of the globe, 99% of the business is competitive in nature and face disruption with emerging technology. No matter if you are manufacturing a Lawnmower or making Shampoo, the price versus performance of the product is widely evaluated by Buyers ever than before, in the digital world Buyer is educated and aware of multiple choices while making a purchase decision. It's Manufacturers today who win the market share by selling a quality product at the right price point.

Here effective smart sourcing plays a role; a diverse set of suppliers brings product innovation and competition among themselves to win your business. As Buyer, you get multiple options on your fingertip and carry a level of assurance on the price and quality of the material you are buying.

Small to Large Enterprise companies use some procurement tools from off the shelf readily available ERP tools to customize tools built for their specific need once the Buyer approves a particular supplier and adds into the order processing system (ERP), which makes ordering processing and tracking easy when the material is needed.

While on the other hand Sourcing process is manual time taking and tedious task, the journey of effective sourcing starts right from finding a Supplier, receiving initial quotes, validating & selecting Supplier, and then the last process would be negotiations. There is a minimum level of technology used for managing and measuring the sourcing process effectively; still, Buyers rely on traditional tools like email, Excel Sheets and try to find new suppliers via Google search or surfing through some trade directory. Buyers thus are left with limited supplier choices; most of the sourcing knowledge remains with the individual and is de-centralized; visibility is very limited across teams.

In such situation, eSupplier eSourcing software tool brings value to the Buyers and Suppliers as well, and the tool is fully cloud base ready to use, Buyers can create RFQ events for products or services which they are willing to source, can invite existing suppliers or use our Dynamic Supplier Discovery feature, receive eQuotes and negotiate via Reverse eAuction tool with select suppliers. Multilingual capabilities allow Buyers to communicate across language borders better.

Buyers see high value in our Dynamic Supplier Discovery feature, with zero Buyer effort; they can conduct a deep scan for new suppliers, no matter if sourcing for Electrical Cables to specialty Chemicals. All this part of our end-to-end sourcing tool, as Buyer, you can have full transparent visibility of suppliers at once glance and thus simplifies the supplier search process.

RFQ comparison statements are just a click away, you can download in MS Excel format, and once you are ready to negotiate in minutes, you can create a Reverse eAuction ready, the tool is simply not only for Buyers but Supplier side as well. eSourcing  software tool improves engagement and generates a defined and simplified sourcing process, which leads to profitability.

In this digital era every procurement team should have a eSourcing software tool in their procurement software toolbox, call us or register for a FREE trial account and take your Sourcing process into the digital age.

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