Get Ocean Freight rates Fast from multiple Freight Forwarders

Get Ocean Freight rates Fast from multiple Freight Forwarders

Most of the Procurement or Logistics team spend endless hours connecting to Freight Forwarders and receiving quotes, then the process to compare the quotes on Excel Sheet is another tedious task.  most of the Business still use an outdated manual process which leads to inefficiency.

eSupplier's Online Digital Ocean Freight Software Platform allows companies to simplify the way they interact with their Freight Forwarders; our process makes it simple to send inquiries to multiple Freight Forwarders fast.   Our proprietary eBidding methodology assures that you get the best-negotiated price on time, easy side-by-side compression allows you to make a profitable decision faster.

No matter if you are Importing or Exporting Part load shipments or Full Container Loads, we can also help you to discover new Freight Forwarders via our vendor Network where you can select from around 1000+ Freight Forwarders located all over the world from USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East to Latin America.

Businesses who use the eSupplier Ocean Freight Platform tend to save anywhere from 10% to 30% on Ocean Freight costs, our customers include small to medium size businesses looking to digitize the Ocean Freight process and reduce work as well as improve profitability.

The Ocean Freight Platform is simple and easy to use, just log in and start creating your Ocean Freight shipments, we are open to offering FREE limited trials to customers so they can explore how digital platforms save time and source the best freight rates fast.

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