Smart Sourcing tools allows Small to Medium size Business to manage Supply Chain Risk

Smart Sourcing tools allows Small to Medium size Business to manage Supply Chain Risk

Business today are challenged by continues competition from multiple Manufacturers which are on shore and off shore, these competitors are not only providing Innovative and Quality products but at highly lower pricing. That brings Business who doesn’t deploy smart Supply chain or Sourcing teams under tight spot, wondering how to source raw material at market competitive prices.

Traditionally it is believed large companies leverage multiple resources and use cutting edge software tools to deal with sourcing and supply chain risk, and such tools are expensive and are not in reach by small and medium size business, this narration is not true anymore. The Enterprise Software landscape has changed in past several years, now Business can leverage SaaS base tools which are fully hosted in the cloud ready to use, and don’t require internal IT teams or highly skilled SCM professionals to conduct sourcing events or negotiate with suppliers, the tools are very easy to use and adaptation friendly for faster deployment even by Procurement teams or individual Buyers.

eSupplier offers SaaS base eSourcing tool ideal for small and medium size business who are working to solve and improve Supplier discovery & management challenges, we work with several manufacturing industry like Auto Components, Chemicals, Electrical, Electronics, Construction, Consumer, Hospitality, etc... and have advice as well provided simple easy to use eSourcing & eNegotiation tool which has allowed them to find diverse set of suppliers locally and globally with minimum or no effort, the tool allows Buyers to create an eRFx/eRFQ in minutes and can attach technical specification, drawings, photos of product trying to source, Buyers can also invite existing suppliers on the eSourcing platform.

Companies who provide maximum product information during sourcing process trend to get higher quotes before eRFx expires online, multiple quotes are displayed side by side as they start arriving online and with one click Buyer can auto compare based on price, delivery quoted by suppliers.

Often Negotiation process is challenging for Business who don’t have adequate Human resources to deal with multiple suppliers, our smart eAuction process allows Buyers to conduct souring Auction in minutes. Once the eAuction is over system generates Audit friendly PDF reports with complete Audit trails for transparency and compliance.

Another major advantage compared to manual sourcing process is that Business are able to centralize all their sourcing information on single platform, our smart visual data analytics allows Buyers to make sourcing / procurement decision faster thus making sourcing process profitable for business.

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