Supplier Discovery - Simplifying Your Search for the Perfect Supplier!

Supplier Discovery - Simplifying Your Search for the Perfect Supplier!

Looking for a new supplier? Want more diversity in your supplier list? Unhappy with your current supplier's performance? Thinking of vetting your existing suppliers? eSupplier brings you an intelligent, cloud-based eSourcing platform. Here, buyers can effortlessly generate RFQs online, laying out specifications, drawings, and all the necessary details. As soon as the RFQ goes live, eSupplier's advanced AI algorithm zeroes in on the right suppliers, dispatching the RFQ straight to their inbox. Get your quotes online, and even usher in your current suppliers to join the bidding game.

Your company's triumph hinges on top-tier suppliers who promise quality and competitive pricing. Wondering how to pinpoint these game-changers? We've got your back!

Innovation vs. Price

Your criteria for supplier selection pivot on what you're procuring. When you know exactly what you need, down to the last spec, price often takes center stage over innovation. But sometimes, innovation is the star, outweighing price considerations. In certain scenarios, while price may contribute to only 15% of your decision, innovation could command a whopping 85%.

Are Your Suppliers Echoing Your Ambitions?

Your choice in suppliers should mirror your business aspirations. Whether you're aiming to spearhead innovation, elevate customer delight, or boost the bottom line, aligning with the right suppliers is paramount.

Beyond Just the Price Tag

Price matters, but it's not the sole player. Always juggle price against quality. Payment terms, too, wield power. A 60-day credit term lets you utilize funds elsewhere, whereas upfront payments lack that flexibility.

Crystal Clear Offers - No Surprises

Offers should be transparent - plain and simple. Bid adieu to hidden costs and ambiguous terms. Demand clarity.

On-Time, Every Time

Delivery isn't just about speed but also consistency. A single slip-up, a tardy part, can tarnish your company's reputation. Ensure your suppliers promise and deliver punctuality.

Going the Extra Mile

What's added to the mix? Comprehensive training, installation assistance, prompt support? Gauge these extras when picking your supplier.

Quality is King

Top-of-the-line products demand impeccable components. Measure suppliers by the error rate of their deliveries. For instance, in the automotive sector, if a supplier's error rate dips below 20 ppm, they're in the spotlight. Conversely, soaring above 20 ppm dims their selection prospects.

Certifications Speak Volumes

During your evaluation, ensure suppliers boast the right quality management certifications. Are they ISO 9001 certified, showcasing their commitment to meeting and exceeding customer demands?

Choosing the ideal supplier may seem subjective, but armed with and its stellar eSourcing solutions, you'll find your perfect match – one that resonates with your business vision and strategy.

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