Supplier Discovery - Finding the right supplier just got easier!

Supplier Discovery - Finding the right supplier just got easier!

Need new Supplier? Do you want Supplier diversity? Not satisfied with current Supplier performance and intend to change? Or want to test your existing Suppliers? eSupplier provides smart cloud base eSourcing tool, were Buyers can create an RFQ online by defining specifications, drawings and all relevant details which Suppliers would need for submitting an offer, once the RFQ is published eSupplier's smart Artificial Intelligence algorithm finds appropriate supplier and sends the RFQ via email, Buyers receive quote online, you can also invite existing suppliers to participate in the sourcing process.

Any company’s success largely depends on quality Suppliers who can deliver materials at competitive price. What are the criteria's you use to figure out the best supplier? If you are still not sure we are here to help you out,

Innovation Vs Price

Based on the product and services you need to procure, the criteria for supplier selection changes. If you are looking for certain product with the exact technical specification, major considerations can be price rather than innovation as specs are already defined. While in some cases price may be less important adding only 15% weighting, but the innovation required in this case might be 85%.

Is your Supplier selection aligned with your company goals?

Your supplier selection also depends largely on your company goals. Whether your company wants to be a market leader in innovation, improve customer satisfaction or improve profitability. This is particularly vital in selecting the right supplier.

Payment terms are significant

It's not always the price that should be given the importance. One always needs to weigh price and quality against each other. The payment terms are significant because they bring with them a price advantage or disadvantage. For a payment term of 60 days credit, you can use the money elsewhere, while for advance payment this won't be possible.

Transparency of the offer

The transparency of the offer provided is also noteworthy. The offer made by supplier to the buyer must be clear and easily understandable. There should not be any hidden cost attached with the offer.

Delivery Reliability

When it comes to delivery it is an indispensable factor in supplier selection. As a shut down due to missing part can lead to fatal consequences for company’s reputation. It must be ensured that the goods are delivered not only on time, but also with regular consistency of required quantity.

Additional Services and Support

What additional services are included? Do they offer apt training courses or tutorials along with installation? Is the support team easily reachable? These factors should also be taken while doing a supplier selection.

Quality matters the most

High-quality goods cannot be created without quality parts. Supplier evaluation largely depends on error rate of product delivered which is measured using the unit parts per million (ppm). Supplier selection is inversely related to error rate. For example, if the supplier error rate in automotive industry decreases than 20 ppm the chances of supplier selection increases, while if error rate increases beyond 20 ppm the chances of supplier selection are less.

Evaluate using certifications

While evaluation of a supplier you can also ensure that the supplier has appropriate certifications for quality management. For example, is the organization ISO 9001 certified meeting customers’ expectations and delivering requirements.

Make the right supplier choice is always a subjective decision, but with the right eSourcing tools and strategies, it can be simplified. helps you discover the right supplier which not only fit in with your business goals and strategies.

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