How Supplier Negotiation works during Panademic

How Supplier Negotiation works during Panademic

Worldwide shutdowns have become a way of life presently, no matter which part of the globe you live. While Businesses cannot wait for the return of regular normal and safe times, they will have to adjust and optimize the work process and use intelligent digital tools to continue doing business while keeping in view the safety of their employees and suppliers.
The negotiation process is an integral part of Procurement, and today, challenges have emerged with Procurement teams on how to negotiate with suppliers remotely. The way most of the company negotiated earlier was one-on-one with suppliers in closed cabins, and this is has  become impossible during COVID crisis, Today the Buyer nor the Supplier wants to see each other, and negotiating over phone and email is not working out effectively.

Today more and more small and medium-size companies are embracing digital eSourcing solutions, one of the primary tool used is the online eAuction platform, and it allows Buyers to negotiate with multiple suppliers smoothly remotely, in this process, Buyers & Suppliers both win, thus eliminating the need to meet one one one with Supplier for negotiation.

eAuction tools are not new. Prior they were used by large companies, and the general belief among the procurement team was it does not work in their industry or product category, eSupplier provides a wide range of eAuction tools for every application. We have built specific eAuction tools for Raw Materials, Logistics, Services, or CAPEX Procurement.

eSupplier educates procurement teams on how to use a digital tool to your advantage, so we don't just provide an eAuction platform but will help you to identify which type of eAuction will work best for your need.  We have clients in are of Pharmaceuticals, Engineering Industry, Auto Component, Textile, Food, Chemicals, Electrical and Mechanical industry,  Banks and several other specialty manufacturing companies use  eSupplier to negotiate with suppliers regularly.

Call us, and one of our eAuction & eNeogtiaiton expert will help you to understand how you can use eAuction for negotiation with single or multiple suppliers remotely.

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